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How to create buzz around your EdTech, amidst the booming industry growth during the pandemic?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives. People started accepting things which they never thought they would and one such major change is the Online Education. Parents perspective towards education has changed a lot, as most of the major exams have been cancelled or rescheduled. Parents now realised how important it is to make their children skilled and give them exposure to different areas rather than running behind marks. Our New Education Policy has uplifted this attitude.

Taking the leverage of this situation, we see a great scope for EdTechs in our country . They have grown tremendously over the pandemic by bringing in several new methodologies of imparting and evaluating students education.

Now comes the real problem: How can my EdTech stand out in this huge competition?

Firstly, having an intention to provide a quality product/service is the key element and also making sure you have something unique and interesting compared to other peers in the market.

Then comes the Promotional Aspect of our strategy. Nowadays social media has completely taken control over our lives ,so it’s time for us to make the most of this situation.

Let us bring in a Case Study which would help you understand better about how to conduct your brand on the internet.

Our client Adhyaay is an EdTech company built with an intention to provide new teaching methods by hiring young tutors so as to provide the students with better real time experience. They also have diversified from teaching school subjects to extracurriculars. We have planned their marketing campaign in such a way that the brand and its vision is initially heard in the market by conducting free online classroom sessions and giving away study kits ( the main USP of this brand, a culmination of study notes and other personality enrichment activity sheets) for the attendees.We promoted this via all their social media platforms and could successfully gather a huge crowd of students. The attractive kits were personally designed by our team in such a way that they can easily make a place in a child's heart and enable them to focus on their studies. This full fledged strategy and it's execution has given the brand an initial boost to sustain in the market.

The intention behind briefing this case study is that there are millions of ways to promote your brand online with a minimum budget, provided it is Planned Systematically with a great idea to reach your target audience. For more assistance you can always reach out to our branding experts at Collabways

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