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Just started your Business?Here are some tips to get started with marketing....

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Marketing is of utmost importance in today's world for any kind of business. Whether you are a startup which has to create a base in the market or a big reputed company, it's your responsibility to keep your customers engaged and informed about your product.

When should you start marketing?

No sooner you launch your product into the market, you should start marketing.

Many of you especially those who are starting out, must be trying to neglect marketing due to various reasons which can be

Being uncertain about the quality of the product

Since you are a startup it's pretty obvious to be insecure about the quality of your product and you might have the fear of people's acceptance due to which most of you will hesitate to market your product or services. But this isn't true as there are many benefits of marketing in the early stages.

Lack of money or unwillingness to spend money into marketing

The primary level of marketing needs your time not money. Wondering how?. Today's digital world has made it easier for all of us to reach out potential customers for free. You heard it right! It doesn't even cost a single penny to market digitally. The best part about digital marketing is that you will be able to reach numerous customers all around the world right from your workspace infact digital marketing is more successful than the usual marketing nowadays. So what are you waiting for ?

Benefits of Marketing in early stages of launching your product

  • In the long run, Customers will be able to see the overall growth of your product or services and will come to know the hard work behind it. This story of your success will attract them to a greater extent.

  • Not only that, in the early days customer feedbacks contribute to major part of your success. You will get to know the flaws in your product and also the customer requirements. This will not only enable you to improve the quality of your product but also helps you to gain confidence regarding your sales. So I suggest you to constantly keep a check on customers feedback.

  • Marketing is a constant and a very lengthy process. It takes a lot of time to make the society aware of your product and believe in it. So its very important to start off as early as possible.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

-Seth Godlin

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