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Why Facebook never gets old? Here are few amazing features that you need to know!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Though many of us have started using Instagram and other social media platforms, Facebook will never lose it's place. Its extensively used for marketing and is the most successful platform till date to attract the customers online.

Facebook provides us with many features like Market Place, Groups and Ads to promote our products.

Market Place is the latest feature. It enables us to list our products for sale with required details and displays it to the nearby customers. Customers interested in those products can contact the buyer and get the product. Secondly, talking about one of the finest features Groups, there are two ways in which we can utilize them. Either we can create our own group or join other groups related to our business. If you want to create your own group, make sure that you engage your audience with quizzes, giveaways and any other relevant info related to your business sector. If you are not knowing how to attract audience to your own group and if you don't have a big circle, no worries you can always join other groups where you can promote your product and engage the group members as well .But remember in both the cases, only 20% of the posts should be promotional posts and 80% of posts should focus on entertaining the audience. While the first two features are free of cost, ads are paid. But Facebook ads are far cheaper than google ads and they have a great reach.

One of the best examples is the popular brand Raymond, It ran its Facebook ad campaign and organized a giveaway where they offered 72 hours of express tailoring services and this campaign led to rapid increase in sales.

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