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Wondering what to do when your business idea has already been implemented in the market?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

A pinch of creativity and your own mark will make you stand out in any business even if it already exists in the market.

Nowadays we see many startups booming every single day with very simple ideas but the only thing that drives them to work is that they find something unique in the existing formula. Most of the top companies in the silicon valley have also picked up a lot of things from other companies and added their own touch to it.

One of the best examples would be the buoyant app Instagram which mimicked the idea of adding stories. This was something which was already going viral in snapchat and adding this feature with their own mark increased their engagement to a massive extent. Also talking about the most recent feature Reels, which is also quite similar to the short video content viewing and making app TikTok, it is also fetching immense interest in the youth.

So there is nothing wrong in doing something which already exists but you shouldn't do it exactly in the same way others are doing it. Keeping this fact in our mind, we should always plan something unique and creative when it comes to any aspect of building a business and we can proudly say that Collabways is one such thing. Unlike any other marketing agency, we would really want to create an impact and add value to any business that we take up. We are here to implement all the possible ideas that can add to your company to make it reach it's maximum potential by clearly understanding what the client wants. We as the cofounders belonging to this Gen Z era are the ones who clearly understand what works and what doesn't ,especially when it comes to social media. This aspect is something that is extremely unique to us as we can easily connect to the latest technology which is very essential for any kind of business. Your own vision and strategy will automatically give that unique touch to your product. Believe in yourself and move ahead.

Leave Your spark where ever you go -this implies to business also

Make your business worth your efforts and bring in customer ecstasy with the help of your vision.

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